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Nivedita Kumar

Delivery Manager

Leading projects and working with bright, fun, and talented people while simultaneously having the opportunity to develop her personal skills - that's just some of what makes Nivedita excited about going to work every day. Get to know her better through our Q&A;

Describe yourself with three to five words?

Positive, energetic, motivated, empathetic.

What's the short version of your CV?

I have a Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Prior to working as a delivery manager, I worked as a data scientist for several years. I developed data-driven models to simulate the failure behavior of top-side/subsea equipment, and digitized work processes for risk assessment of oil and gas assets.

What excites you with your line of work?

Having the opportunity to lead projects from a variety of domains (oil and gas, petrochemicals, renewables, OEMS). Working with really talented, fun, and smart people. Professional development in other domains, such as sales and business development.

How and why did you decide on Arundo?

Arundo has been on my radar for a long time, right from 2017 when I applied for the position of Data Engineer. At the time I had just finished my PhD. I did not get the opportunity to work with Arundo then, so I reapplied in 2020. I was thrilled I got the job this time around. I had heard great things about the company and having been here for 1.5 years I can attest to that!

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on three projects. The first is the OnWatchScout application for MacGregor where I am leading the discovery, development and deployment of machine learning models and KPI’s on the Edge. The goal of this application is to help increase the operational efficiency of cranes. The second is the sustainability module within SAM where I am working as the internal subject matter expert and leading the development of this module. The aim of this module is to provide continuous insights on the environmental performance of Ethylene plants, analyze plant performance overtime and provide suggestions that will help with improvement efforts. The third; Prediction of the life of the catalyst used in Aniline production to help maximize aniline production within a given catalyst cycle. I am responsible for the end to end delivery of this project, within the given timeline.

Describe your "typical" contribution to an Arundo project?

My typical contribution would be to lead the discovery of use-cases with customers, problem solve and lead the delivery and deployment of the software solution. In addition, serve as an internal subject matter expert and sparring partner.

What would you choose if you could solve any problem within the heavy asset industry tomorrow with a solution delivered by Arundo?

Definitely prediction of inverter failures on Solar farms to reduce unplanned downtime! 

What would you say is Arundo's key advantage as an employer?

Highly talented coworkers and great opportunities to learn and grow.