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Arundo Foundation as a Service.

Harness the power of scalable, industry-grade advanced analytics and AI with our products, grounded in a world-class suite of sophisticated developer tools.

Our philosophy

Scalability for cutting-edge analytics and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) efforts often fail when a desktop-based model meets an organisation’s demands of reliability, ease of use, and integration into existing processes and IT infrastructure.

Based on our experience from 250 use-cases in a variety of industries, we have designed our AI and IIoT tech stack to overcome these challenges.

  • Rapid and simple scaling across assets to maximise operational value across your organisation.
  • Allowing any open-source analytics & AI tooling in model development and deployment.
How we build products

From sensor to application

Data Gathering

We connect to millions of data points through asset sensors, historians, SCADA systems, 3rd party software and traditional CSV-files.

  • Sensor data
  • SCADA data
  • Maintenance data

Arundo Edge

Arundo Edge Manager enables fast, secure and efficient streaming of IIoT sensor data from control systems to cloud.

Our powerful edge manager enables one-click deployment of machine learning models, monitoring of system health, system performance, model precision and execution.

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Machine learning models
  • Control systems

Arundo Foundation as a Service

Our tech stack is purpose-built with rapid deployment in mind, enabling at-scale industrial analytics for a broad range of use cases.

Secure, reliable, and modular. Developed from Arundo's pioneering work with more than 250 use cases since 2015.

Security Layer

Trust that data and applications are secure, protected and that data sovereignty is never compromised.

  • “Zero Trust” framework
  • Risk-based, certified and audited processes
  • Full physical, end-point protection
  • Data and network encryption at rest and in transit
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • NIST scoring framework following CVSS guidelines

Data Storage & Transformation

Store and manage only that data which is required to support your analytics requirements, at any point in time. Commercial and service level flexibility to suit your needs as you mature on your analytics journey.

  • “Grow as you go”
  • Control of cost through scaleability
  • Data provenance; validation, quality and consistency.

Digital Twin

Digital representations of assets and data relationships. Your foundation for harnessing the power of analytics and machine learning.

  • Template driven declarations of the information relationships across your assets
  • Full transparency of the pipeline of transformations leading to model output
  • Complete traceability of all data manipulations from sensor to application
  • Stable, extensible and reusable thanks to zero duplication of data pipelines

Machine Learning & Insights

Discover, deploy and scale out analytics continuously as new use cases are addressed and applications are added.

  • Discover and test new data driven ideas, models and machine learning approaches
  • Deploy, manage, monitor and scale production grade analytics

Workflow & Automation

Easily configure the end user experience so that insights, events, alerts and investigations are made available through action oriented workflows at the right time, place and device.

  • Data visualisation
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Event- and investigation workflows
  • Data Pipelines

APIs & Integrations

Capture full value of your existing IT/OT investments, and unlock an ecosystem of data driven innovation.

  • Any source (CMMS, ERP, SCM, WMS)
  • Any destination (Arundo applications, your existing IT infrastructure and 3rd parties)
Arundo Tech StackArundo Tech Stack - Security LayerArundo Tech Stack - Data Storage and Transformations LayerArundo Tech Stack - Digital Twin LayerArundo Tech Stack - Maschine Learning and Insights LayerArundo Tech Stack - Workflows and Automation LayerArundo Tech Stack - APIs and Integrations Layer

Products + Applications

Roughly 70% of all our products come from the same technical architecture, supported by our Edge Manager and tech stack.

We build products solving unique customer problems which are scalable to the wider industry. Talk to our product specialist for more info about:

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