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Marathon suite enables you to solve problems as you go by continuously monitoring your critical equipment, suggesting prescriptive actions to prevent downtime, reduce equipment lifecycle cost and lower energy consumption.

What we aim to solve

Marathon is on a mission

20% of energy consumed
Wasted due to operating equipment outside designed operational envelopes

Sustainability Performance

Improve sustainability performance through improved energy efficiency, reduced CO2 footprint, and emission reduction.

USD 50 billion
Per year wasted in cost of unplanned downtime


Extend equipment lifetime through optimizing equipment operations.

> 3% of total asset value
Wasted every year in unnecessary maintenance spend


Reduce maintenance cost through improved planning and execution of maintenance activities.

Learn how Marathon empowers your reliability and maintenance engineers to better identify and prevent costly equipment failures.

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Features and benefits

Flexible and adaptable

Your equipment is shown in a user-centric layout, enabling rapid adoption of analytics insights with our configurable event workflows and equipment health dashboards.

Keep your equipment running

Take prescriptive actions when they are needed

Marathon goes beyond pure Predictive Maintenance; it truly empowers your engineers in their day-to-day operations. By providing prescriptive actions, Marathon allows them to solve equipment challenges before they become mission-critical.

Using Marathon you'll benefit from:

  • Failure prediction and identification ahead of time
  • Equipment & energy efficiency
  • Outcome in weeks
  • Rapid deployment at scale
  • Advanced analytics engine
  • On-demand reports
  • Real-time notifications for investigation and resolving
  • Highlighted events and emphasized anomalous conditions
  • Customized alert stream
  • Asset data alongside analytics
  • Trustworthy security
  • Seamless integration
Download Marathon Quick Starter Package

I see Arundo – together with the Marathon Suite – empowering our operations teams to make smarter business decisions through the use of our data. What I love about Marathon and the Arundo team is their approach to using off-the-shelf analytical models that deliver actionable insights to our operators.

Connor Sinclair
Vice President of Digital Technology
Evolution Well Services
Marathon case studies

Marathon successes across industries and equipment types

Marathon is currently deployed in some of the most complex asset facilities at scale. Whether our tool is supporting decisions being made by captains on LNG vessels or area managers overseeing onshore Oil & Gas services across an entire region, our AI-driven insights are delivering provable value on a daily basis.

Learn more in our case studies:

Case study LNG

Applying Marathon in the LNG industry

By applying advanced analytical models to data harvested from key equipment types, we enabled our client to create considerable value by increasing equipment efficiency and moving emergency maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

Read case study
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