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Value Creation from Advanced Analytics in the LNG Industry

Learn more about opportunities for asset owners in the LNG industry in our whitepaper on applying advanced analytics to the data emitted by LNG equipment.

The global energy crisis has made LNG more valuable than ever. As in most industries, the equipment to refine and process this valuable commodity has inherent limitations. By applying advanced analytical models to data harvested from key equipment types in the LNG industry, we have enabled our clients to create considerable value by increasing equipment efficiency and moving emergency maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

With LNG prices at historical peaks and the energy security of a large part of the world depending on maximum performance of LNG supply chains, there's not been a better time to harvest the value from the data of LNG-handling assets.

In this whitepaper, you will learn more about the opportunities advanced analytics offer for equipment along the LNG value chain and how to get started.

Here Is A List Of The Content You Will Get In This Whitepaper:

  • Summary
  • A young industry still evolving
  • Conserving value and the environment by perfecting BOG handling
  • The limitations of embedded control systems and the role of complementary analytics
  • Example: Increasing the efficiency of reliquefaction systems
  • Example: Preventing failures of Gas Combustion units on LNG carriers
  • Conclusion - there's much money hidden in the data