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Effectively manage your Scope-3 emissions!

CarbonPath connects all parties in the shipping value chain, allows them to share their emissions securely, and reveals the full picture of their Scope-3 emissions.

Developed with the end user in mind

Tailor-made software for ship owner needs

Fully cloud-delivered, developed in collaboration with leading ship owners, and powered by machine learning algorithms, CarbonPath will fit the operating model of major ship owners better than industry-agnostic solutions.

Tracking and reporting made easy

Managing Scope-3 greenhouse gas emissions

When designing CarbonPath, we’ve put six key aspects of the shipping industry at the center, and built the user experience with those top-of-mind.

Streamlined collaboration

Ship owners, ship managers, and suppliers can all work together in one application, reducing the use of emails and attachments for exchanging information.

Leasing/chartering management

The built-in Fixture Schedule provides an intuitive interface for defining the leasing agreements on a per-vessel basis, which in turn ensures that emissions are allocated to the correct categories as leasing terms develop.

Visual dashboards

Configurable to the company's preferences and needs, the dashboards allows the compliance team to create self-service management reports, shortening the time from insight to action and reducing human labor.

Calculation method compliance

Support for all calculation methods endorsed by the GHG Protocol (spend-based, average-data, and supplier-specific), with out-of-the-box support for data quality assessment and assurance of supplier-provided emission factors.

Seamless integrations

Extensive support for data export, making it possible to extract reports in formats required by regulators (e.g. XBRL) and to integrate the data in 3rd party application and business intelligence platforms.


Extensive and configurable change logging, providing the traceability needed for internal compliance controls and external auditing of carbon accounts.

In the coming years, suppliers will likely find themselves competing not only on price and quality but also on Scope-3 emissions, requiring more collaboration among ship managers and suppliers than ever before. With Arundo’s CarbonPath application, we are prepared to efficiently take action, focus on our goal of staying compliant, and manage our Scope-3 emissions seamlessly.

Marius Aasen
Data Scientist
Frontline Management
Case study

Arundo CarbonPath -Scope-3 emissions management for shipping

Publicly traded shipowners will soon have no choice but to disclose their full emissions footprint to the public. Arundo Analytics will solve this problem through a brand new software offering that connects all parties in the shipping value chain, allows them to share their emissions securely, and reveals the full picture of their Scope-3 emissions.

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