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SPYRO® for Asset Management (SAM)

A Technology Partnership with Technip Energies

Arundo partneship model

What is a partnership?

Revenue Sharing

Arundo creates new business models and new revenue streams.

We offer partnership models with a 50/50 revenue split together with our partners.


Arundo has an expert team of software engineers, dev-ops, QA, product designers and front-end developers.

We co-develop all our products with our partners.


Arundo has backing by strong investors.

We do joint-investments for quick prototyping and POCs, as well as long-term software development projects.

Partnership with Technip Energies since 2018

“Arundo enables us to digitalize the USD 125 Billion ethylene market”

The global ethylene-petrochemical market is expected to grow from $125 billion in 2022 to $162 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 6.6%.

Since its introduction in 1979, Technip Energies proprietary SPYRO® software has been adopted by approximately 80% of ethylene producers worldwide.

Together with Arundo`s Digital Technology Partnership, SPYRO® is now merging into the next version of the
world´s leading software suite for plant operators.

Marco Van Goethem
Marco Van Goethem
Manager Digital Solutions
Technip Energies

SPYRO® Timeline



SPYRO® released to market

Integrated applications


SAM - Partnership with Arundo

Digital Twin, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

World leading since 1979

What is SPYRO®

SPYRO® is the world-leading enterprise software for managing and optimising ethylene and propylene plant infrastructure in Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Americas.

More than 80% of today's plant operators use SPYRO® for managing petrochemicals production. The new SAM version of SPYRO® uses real time data coupled with predictive analytics in order to reach daily, weekly and monthly production targets.

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to market
World leading since 2018

What is SAM

The new version of SPYRO® for Asset Management (SAM) offers plant operators a range of different features by utilizing predictive analytics to optimze OPEX, production yield, cracking temperature and feed rate as well as storage and supply chain.

Reaching Net Zero 2050 is an absolute focus, and SAM gives plant operators new incentives to reduce total CO2 emissions by monitoring energy usage, combustion fuel, emission factors and feedstock type across the entire plant.

  • CO2 Emission Analysis
  • Economic Optimizer
  • 99.99% system uptime
  • Predictive Service, Maintenance & Warranty
  • Dashboard for Failure indication, Errors & Alerts

“We manage a team of 25 people in different locations for SAM to evolve into one of the worlds most cutting-edge IoT applications.”

Christian Pedersen
CTO - Arundo
Arundo Foundation

Cloud infrastructure, data and security

  • PostgreSQL + TimeScaleDB extension
  • Deployed inside Kubernetes on Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Operated by a PostgreSQL Operator
  • Configured using a source/replica architecture
  • Configuration is held as “config-as-code” in Github
  • Changes are subject to our CI/CD Pipeline and peer review
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
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