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The leading Edge for industrial IoT

Arundo Edge enables fast, secure and efficient streaming of IoT sensor data from control systems to the cloud. Use Arundo Edge Manager for one-click deployment of machine learning models and monitoring of system health, system performance, model precision and execution.

Arundo edge

Out of the box industry connectors

Connect to your control system using e.g. OPC or Modbus and stream high velocity sensor data securely to your IoT platform of choice including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform or Arundo Marathon.

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Server
Solve critical problems

Edge analytics

Deploying, running and monitoring machine learning models on Arundo Edge is simple and enables you to solve your problems as close to your equipment as possible. Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection.

Save time

Remote management

Complete overview across all connected assets. Monitor system health, system performance, model precision and execution. Get early warnings of connection issues or missing sensor data.

Manage, deploy and monitor machine learning models across your Edge fleet.

I feel the need ...

The need for speed


  • Easy ‘Wizard’ or CLI installer
  • Install in less than 3 minutes
  • Intuitive UI for fast configuration


  • Connect to PLC, SCADA, DCSand Historians
  • Connect using OPC, Modbus, NMEA or MQTT
  • Tag Discovery


  • Fast, efficient and secure streaming
  • Buffer when offline
  • Support for AWS, Azure, GCP or Arundo Marathon
Scalability is stability

Smarter decisions made simple

Simple compute & KPIs

Low code built-in functionality for:

  • Easy ‘Wizard’ or CLI installer
  • Install in less than 3 minutes
  • Intuitive UI for fast configuration

Local historian

Local time-series data store; configurable on a per tag basis for machine learning model consumption.

Autonomous Edge

No dependency on cloud or internet connection for reading data or running machine learning models.

  • Offline buffer to avoid data loss in case of connection loss
  • Automatic speed throttling for maximising  low bandwith environments.

Flexible OS & hardware

Configurable hardware solutions.

  • Support for customer provided hardware
  • HP, DELL & ASUS for maximum flexibility
  • Support for Linux, Windows and MacOS

We were looking for a partner that had a mature solution for data analytics. We saw that Arundo was a perfect match. By pulling data with the mature solution that Arundo has, we are able to see tomorrow today.

Daniel Lundberg
Director Offshore Business Line,
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