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Leading major oil company

Reducing failure and boosting productivity for gas compressors: Decreased maintenance spend

Check out how we used a condition-based monitoring solution to reduce a large oil company's yearly equipment maintenance costs.

Oil & Gas
National oil company

Predict and optimize repair routes: Offshore logistics forecasting product reduces NPT by 15%

Reactive repair and supply chain decisions resulting in high rig non-productive time using a forecasting product to predict and optimize repair routes.

Oil & Gas
National oil company

Significantly improving safety: Reducing hazardous leaks in heat exchangers

Reducing hazardous leakage risk, improving on-site safety using a condition-based monitoring platform for heat exchangers.

Oil & Gas
Transportation company

Optimizing water consumption: Advanced analytics enabling annual savings of up to $5M

Water resource optimization for a global shipping company by reducing operating costs.

National oil company

Benchmarking asset performance: Leveraging data-driven insights to save operating and maintenance costs

Extracting and analyzing asset performance and equipment failure rates using a suite of software analytics to benchmark performance

Oil & Gas

Transforming crane maintenance: Implementing data-driven approaches to reduce unplanned downtime

An offshore crane OEM had ambitions to be a trusted service provider implementing a proactive approach to maintenance routines and equipment monitoring using data science and analytics.


Maximizing maritime efficiency: Streamline shipping operations with cutting-edge software solutions

Operational diagnostics for a global shipping company.

Electric utility

Avoiding potential misconnection and shock hazard on smart meter installations: Enabled savings of up to $8.5 million

Determine connection quality for newly installed smart meters

Power & Utilities
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