Alkylation and Transalkylation Catalyst Monitoring



optimising catalyst lifetime in line with production and deactivation process

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The customer was unable to continuously monitor catalyst activity within reactor beds in the alkylation and transalkylation system. This made it difficult for the customer to determine remaining catalyst reactivity potential and thus unable to realize full economic benefit of catalysts.  The existing means of calculating estimated remaining useful life of a catalyst was a batch, offsite process and took 6-8 weeks to complete which was too long to improve process performance.   The customer needed a way to continuously in near real-time visualize catalyst consumption within each bed, predict deactivation rate, and view catalyst information in one place


Arundo carried out a pilot to demonstrate catalyst activity in each reactor bed in the facility.  The pilot involved conducting multiple analysis of historical data to show where reaction was occurring in the reactors and at what levels the catalyst had deactivated. 

This was then provided as a tool for the customer which provided a visualization of deactivation over time, such that the Plant Manager could optimally plan changing out catalysts during plant turnaround



The pilot demonstrated significant financial savings in catalyst replacement costs by loading new catalysts based on deactivation rate, not based on a fixed schedule

Key Facts

Predicting catalyst lifetime in line with production needs


Cloud solution monitoring catalyst performance and predicting deactivation point in line with production levels


Significant financial savings through more optimised planning of catalyst deactivation

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