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Operational diagnostics for shipping fleet

Operational diagnostics for shipping fleet

Operational diagnostics for a global shipping company.


The shipowner and operator was looking to reduce fuel consumption, reduce OPEX, improve port turn-around time and empower the crew to make better decisions. Their current reporting practices and lack of access to their sensors' data made it impossible for the onshore crew to give timely operations support to the onboard crew. The difficulty in accessing the critical equipment' information also limited their capability to optimize their fuel consumption, maintenance cycles and benchmarking across their vessels.


In order to achieve this, we enhanced visibility by enabling intelligent, secure streaming of thousands of sensors' data from the vessels to the cloud using Arundo Edge Agent. We developed an end-to-end equipment control system agnostic solution which enabled fuel and maintenance cycles optimization. We supplied onshore and offshore crews with actionable contextual information to the data enhancing their advanced analytical decision making and improving their collaboration between each other.


The main goal is to double capacity of onshore and onboard crews, reduce OPEX by 30% and reduce port turn-around by 25%. The customer has already improved their way of working, the way they are capturing suboptimal operations and they have increased the quality and frequency of decision support. The solution needs more time in operations to fully capture the benefits and results in line with the goals.