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November 20, 2019 /

tsaug: An Open-Source Python Package for Time Series Augmentation

We built a data augmentation tool to help us train machine learning models on time series. We're now releasing this tool, tsaug, as an open source package to help everyone improve their data hungry time series models.


Data augmentation for deep..


November 13, 2019 /

How Arundo Switched to Docs as Code

As the leader of the Arundo documentation team, I was recently given the challenge of developing a publishing process that enables people across our company to contribute to docs. I was also required to keep costs down and use as many of our..


November 6, 2019 /

Google Next: Chaos Engineering (aka Game Days)

I was lucky enough to catch the talk on Chaos Engineering by Jason Yee and Jeremy Garcia, given at Google Next 2019. A link to a video recording can be found at the bottom of the post.

There were many discussions on reliability at Google Next 2019,..


October 30, 2019 /

ADTK: Open-Source Time Series Anomaly Detection in Python

Arundo was founded to solve industrial IoT challenges. A significant portion of the data collected by an industrial IoT system is time series data. As our data scientists create models that address challenging problems in industrial operations,..


October 21, 2019 /

Another great year at the Rice Data Science Conference

For the third year in a row, Arundo attended the Rice Data Science Conference this month. The Rice Data Science Conference is an annual conference put on by the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University in Houston. The conference is organized with..


October 9, 2019 /

UXDX and Design Systems - Observations and Thoughts From UXDX 2019

In early October the design team at Arundo was lucky enough to attend UXDX in Dublin. The event was hosted at the beautiful RDS Venue in the Ballsbridge area. Designers from Houston and our Oslo offices went to collaborate with other design leaders..


October 9, 2019 /

Data Science in Oil & Gas: Observations & Thoughts from ATCE 2019

I recently attended the Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference (ATCE) in Calgary and presented my work Analyzing Fractures Using Time-Lapse Electric Potential Data. In a nutshell, I showed a new way of using electric potential..


September 18, 2019 /

Enterprise Kubernetes Summit Houston 2019 - Review

I had a great time last month at the Enterprise Kubernetes Summit. Google Cloud, Rancher Labs, Aqua Security, Datadog, and GitLab put together a great event. Luckily it also started late enough for me to do my internal company video session with our..


April 17, 2019 /

DevOpsDays Houston 2019 - Review

DevOpsDays Houston was a two-day inaugural conference focused on DevOps. It had industry leading sponsors such as Datadog, Microsoft, and Chef. The main take away and the focus of the conference can be summed up with the short phrase: devops is a..