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The Reality of Predictive Equipment Maintenance - Cluster Based Anomaly Detection for Industrial Operations

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can effectively start an equipment analytics program by bypassing common challenges to true predictive analytics.

Many heavy industrial companies are seeking to implement predictive analytics to improve revenue, reduce costs, and improve safety across their operations. However, it is almost impossible to implement true predictive maintenance systems without significant historical operating data and a large number of repeated failures.

In this whitepaper we will provide you with useful information on how you can bypass these challenges and effectively implement predictive analytics across your operations.

Here Is A List Of The Content You Will Get:

  • Summary (2)
  • The Changing Data Landscape is Transforming Industrial Equipment (4)
  • Predictive Equipment Maintenance in Theory and Practice (6)
  • From Single-Sensor Threshold Alerting to Cluster-Based Anomaly Detection (8)
  • Anomaly Detection Drives Strong Results Even With Limited Historical Event Data (10)
  • Implications For Industrial Equipment Owners and Suppliers (12)