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Edge Analytics and the Industrial Internet Of Things

Learn more about how you can overcome the challenges you might face doing edge computing when your equipment is in remote or even moving locations.

Companies operating critical equipment (such as pumps, compressors, motors, or generators) in remote or disconnected locations often face challenges in continuously capturing and analyzing data, and informing better decisions based on such data. Physical and economic considerations restrict the applicability of cloud-based approaches that are common in environments with persistent Internet connectivity.

However, there is a way to connect, analyze, and act upon your remote data. Edge computing is a growing area for companies in such situation. The promise of edge analytics is to use lighter-weight local computers to provide similar analytics capabilities as cloud-based approaches.

In this whitepaper you will learn more about the the challenges you might face and how you can get started with edge analytics.

Here Is A List Of The Content You Will Get In This Whitepaper:

  • Overview (03)
  • The Limits of Cloud Computing for Industrial Analytics (04)
  • Three Levels of Edge Analytics (06)
  • Intelligently Ingesting Edge Data (07)
  • Performing Rules-Based Analytics at the Edge (08)
  • Performing Advanced Analytics at the Edge (09)
  • Getting Started With Edge Analytics (10)
  • Concluding Thoughts (12)
  • Author & About Arundo (13)