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Arundo CarbonPath - Scope-3 emissions management for shipping

From regulation to competitive advantage: Turn Scope-3 compliance into a business value, and harness the power of AI to reduce supplier emissions at source.

Publicly traded ship owners will soon have no choice but to disclose their full emissions footprint to the public. Already now, investors and lenders are asking questions that many ship owners do not have the answer to.

Arundo Analytics will solve this problem for ship owners and ship managers through a brand new software offering that connects all parties in the shipping value chain, allows them to share their emissions securely, and reveals the full picture of their Scope-3 emissions. Fully cloud-delivered, developed in collaboration with leading ship owners, and powered by machine learning algorithms, our Scope-3 application will fit the operating model of major ship owners better than industry-agnostic solutions.

In this whitepaper we will provide you with useful information on how you can turn Scope-3 compliance into a business value.

Here Is A List Of The Content You Will Get:

  • Introduction
  • Regulators are targeting the shipping industry
  • Many ship owners do not have the fundamentals for meeting regulators' and financiers' expectations
  • CarbonPath from Arundo promises to solve Scope-3 for shipowners
  • Bringing years of experience in data-driven applications and ArtificialIntelligence to the sustainability arena
  • Conclusions