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ABB Arundo Virtual Flow Meter

Find out how ABB and Arundo's Virtual Flow Meter software can help oil and gas operators maximise hydrocarbon production, reduce CAPEX and OPEX and do so on hundreds of wells


Today’s oil and gas production managers faces many challenges in ensuring that wells are consistently producing at their highest possible potential, whether faced with aging subsea wells or developing new unconventional resources.

When considering newly drilled unconventional wells, onshore production engineers are managing many more producing well than in the past. This requires production engineers to optimize more wells with the same resources at their disposal. It is becoming an even greater challenge, as many oil and gas wells are producing well below their potential.

Optimizing a well requires high-fidelity, real-time data in order to make operational decisions on key well parameters. According to Intel, improved analytics can increase well production by 30%. In order to achieve this the production engineers needs actionable real-time production data for each individual well, and visibility across the entire portifolio of assets that she is managing.

With ABB and Arundo’s VFM software, the wells’ existing pressure and temperature measurements can be read and analyzed in real time using a physics-based model. Machine learning can then be applied to determine optimal well choke and artificial lift settings, and to continuously calibrate the VFM model.

ABB and Arundo’s VFM can provide often more accurate flow measurements when compare to a physical multiphase flow meter and does not require the installation of expensive physical flow meter hardware. Real time well measurements are streamed to the cloud for processing. Through this, VFM can scale across hundreds, if not thousands of wells, at a fraction of the time and cost of a physical flow meter.