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Use Case: Macgregor

MacGregor wanted to partner with Arundo to go from equipment focus to solution focus. Using data analytics would help predict the up and downtime of various equipment.


McGregor is a market leader equipment for cargo handling. We are a global company. We have equipment installed today on every second vessel on the world's ocean. Of course we want to move in from equipment focusing into solution focus. And since we have so much equipment out installed on the the world's ocean, we also have the availability to get insights in form of the data that we have in our equipment. We were looking for a partner that had a mature solution for the data analytics. And in that discussion, we saw that Aroundo was a perfect match. So by now pulling the data together with the mature solution that Arundo has, we are able then to what we say, see tomorrow today. Because if you can predict an unplanned downtime, of course you want to do that. There is no reasonable operator that will say no to that opportunity.

The big challenge is to be able to present this to the customer in such a way that is easy to work with. One advantage I would say with Arundo is that you have a very strong field of competence. Not only data analytics part, but in the customer facing part when it comes to the user interface and user experience. So you have the knowledge, you have the drive to move forward and you have the entrepreneurial spirit that will support people. And especially for other companies that need speed, they can leverage on your ability to accelerate. We have been able to accelerate together. And I mean, we have had day to day communication more or less, the whole process. Nobody's waiting. Everybody's on edge. Everybody's pushing together. And I mean, that's how a good partnership should be.