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Arundo Maritime Suite Powered by Veracity

Find out how Arundo and Veracity enable crews, fleet operations, and maintenance personnel, on ship and on shore, to easily select, stream, compute and run advanced analytics. Arundo Maritime Suite brings advanced analytics and machine learning to ship and shore, allowing mariners to easily connect, visualize, and analyze critical process data. Purpose built for today's mariner, from crew to captain to fleet manager.


Ship owners and operators are constantly looking for new ways to improve their operations, lowering fuel consumption, reducing OPEX and empowering crew to make better decisions.

Weather you own or operate 1 or hundreds of vessels, you will have thousands of data points coming from multiple sensors on your assets. The key to unlocking the potential the data holds, is trust, and the ability to operate across silos.

This is why DNV GL has built Veracity, a data platform with secure data storing and sharing mechanisms at the core providing secure connectivity between industry players, driving business innovation and digital transformation.

Veracity connects asset owners and operators with domain experts, data scientists and service providers through its maritime eco-system.

Arundo, a validated service provider on Veracity, and leader in software for industrial analytics, enables a variety of shipboard and shoreside business applications.

So, how can you use all this dynamic data to improve your operations?

Step 1: Collect the data. Arundo Edge Agent collects, analyzes, and transmits all significant onboard data from you control systems, to the Veracity data platform even with limited connectivity.

Step 2 happens in Veracity, where the data from the sensors is stored and organized according to your technical asset model, enabling powerful querying, visualization and analytics.

This enables step 3 – running advanced analytics on your data. With Veracity you get access to a community of service providers who can find meaning in your data. Through the Arundo dashboard, you access the whole spectrum of insights from key performance indicators to machine learning models on any device.

Find out how Arundo can use data to reduce OPEX costs and empower crew to make better decisions. Contact our team either on or