Equipment performance: Unlock the digital potential of your current data through advanced analytics


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Webinar: Turn your data into value through analytics

There is a large amount of data from your rotating equipment which collected and compared, will provide a better understanding of your equipment. This valuable information can improve all aspects of operational practices and have an impact on:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Increasing equipment lifetime
  • Benchmarking maintenance programmes
  • Increasing production
  • Reducing energy cost

Join Dr. Gomaa and Dr. Mentel and find out how to maximize the impact of your analytics through contextualization and be able to:

  • See operation history for a single piece of equipment over time
  • Assess the performance of your equipment
  • Identify equipment that often breaks down
  • Benchmark equipment utilization across plants
  • Benchmark equipment energy consumption

Theory, case study on pump analytics and demonstration.

This webinar aired Thursday 28th of March 2019. Fill out the form and we will send you the recorded webinar.

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Webinar Presenters



Dr. Gomaa

Arundo Analytics:
Delivery Director
Universität Stuttgart:
Guest Lecturer
Turbine Design Engineer
Universität Stuttgart:
PhD - Aerospace Engineering



Dr. Mentel

Arundo Analytics:
Head of Data Science EMEA
University of Oslo:
Postdoctoral Fellow
Computational chemistry
VU Amsterdam:
PhD - Computational Chemistry