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Fuglesangs And Arundo Agree To Deliver The Digitized Pumping Experience Through Cloud-Enabled Machine Learning

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OSLO, Norway -- Fuglesangs AS (Fuglesangs) has signed a Letter of Intent with Arundo Analytics AS (Arundo) for the digital enablement of its pumps through the Arundo Q solution

OSLO, Norway -- By enabling real-time performance monitoring in a robust and secure environment, Arundo Q will help Fuglesangs to accelerate its ongoing focus on delivering the most reliable and highest quality products to customers in its markets. Arundo Q will bring deep analytic capability to Fuglesangs' monitoring and maintenance strategy, as well as combinatory "fleet learning" models from all deployed assets across the company's serviced industries. End customers will have improved transparency into the underlying asset conditions, even as they work toward improved performance through a combination of Fuglesangs' industrial expertise and Arundo's advanced technology.

"Through a partnership with analytics expert Arundo we want to offer our clients a simple way to optimize performance, reduce power consumption, and reduce scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs. Together, we want to convert the «Big Data» buzzword into real bottom-line results. That's truly exciting," according to Alexander Fuglesang, CEO of Fuglesangs.

"We are truly excited for this opportunity to work with a market leader aggressively bringing leading capabilities to its customers. We look forward to an exciting partnership with Fuglesangs combining our solutions to deliver world class performance to customers operating in challenging industrial conditions," says Tor Jakob Ramsøy, Founder and CEO of Arundo.

About Fuglesangs AS

Fuglesangs AS has 100 years of experience in finding smart solutions to industrial challenges. We offer total solutions within pump system, hydraulic, sealing and advanced composite coatings. A natural part of our focus is to assist with engineering, system development, maintenance, service agreements, upgrading of used equipment, and training courses. In short, we put our pride in our customers experiencing increased lifespan and uptime of their equipment, achieving reduced costs and increased production over time.


About Arundo

Founded in 2015, Arundo Analytics' proprietary technology for asset-intensive industries uses big data and machine learning techniques to optimize industrial operations and avoid unplanned downtime.  We are revolutionizing operational performance as we help shape our customers' digital industrial journey, unleash the business value of their data, and enable human and machine collaboration at scale.

Fuglesangs: Alexander Fuglesang (awf@fuglesangs.no) +4791542021
Arundo EMEA: Mogens L. Mathiesen (mogens@arundo.com) +4790855920
Arundo Americas: Cody Falcon (cody.falcon@arundo.com) +14092233141

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