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Round table Stockholm

Meet us in Stockholm, Sweden, for a in-person round table on data-driven industrial operations and AI developments for heavy asset equipment.

Round table Stockholm

Registrations for this event have closed. New dates for 2024 will be announced soon.

Getting bang for the bucks - investments in data-driven maintenance of industrial assets

The heavy asset industry now has more than ten years of experience from applying automated analysis, machine learning, and “artificial intelligence” to maintenance of industrial assets. Investments in hardware and software continue, and plenty of suppliers promise a future without daily unwelcome surprises. But how far have we come in reality? What works today, and where do we place our bets for the future? We invite leaders of maintenance operations with a keen interest in technology and data to participate in a round table conversation to exchange experiences and ideas.

Participant profile

We believe that you…

  • …work in the manufacturing or natural resources industry and are responsible for daily production, including the financial performance of maintenance
  • …work actively (or have recently done so) with various approaches to increase uptime and efficiency of assets critical to production
  • …have a healthy mix of successful projects and frustrations under your belt
  • …have the ambition to create value using data-driven methods and advanced analytics within your sphere of influence

What you can look forward to

We want to create a true conversation between people with deep and practical experience utilizing data and technology to increase performance in maintaining production-critical equipment.

To that end, we offer:

  • A safe environment, free from sales pitches and product demonstrations
  • Real-life stories about both successful projects and learnings from less successful endeavors from people in a similar position as you
  • An enjoyable afternoon and evening in the company of like-minded peers, accompanied by refreshments as per your preferences (non-alcoholic alternatives provided)

To enable this, we want you as a participant to be ready to:

  • Share stories about projects and investments you have led or been part of that can give guidance and inspiration to other participants
  • Share your current challenges - the problems you’ve not yet cracked and where industry peers may be able to give advice on how to approach

Practical details

Date: to be announced soon for 2024

Venue: Convendum, Kungsgatan 9, Stora Salen, Stockholm, Sweden


14:45-15:00 Arrivals and registration

15:00-15:30 Welcome greetings and setting the stage Martin Lundqvist, CEO Arundo Analytics, and Henrik Göthberg, CEO Dairdux

15:30-16:30 Achievements around the table - participants share their stories on how they’ve improved performance in maintenance of industrial assets

16:30-17:30 Challenges around the table - participants discuss their current and near-future projects and what their ambitions are on the 2-5-year horizon

17:30-19:00 Free discussions and refreshments

Excited? Register today!

Registrations for this event have closed. New dates for 2024 will be announced soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us at to let us know you're interested.

We believe this format requires in-person participation around an actual round table, requiring us to delimit the number of attendees. Please await confirmation of your registration before incurring logistics expenses.

About the hosts

Martin has 20 years of experience driving process- and technology transformations. First at McKinsey as a strategy consultant and more recently as a tech entrepreneur, investor, and currently CEO of Arundo Analytics. He has been part of dozens of projects aiming to improve industrial operations and asset reliability using data driven methods - some successful, some not - and is eagerly looking forward to comparing notes with likeminded individuals to form an updated view on how to move the industry forward in this space. Get in touch with Martin.

Henrik is a founder of Dairdux, a professional crowdsourcing alliance of corporates, experts and academic researchers that helps organisations with Data and AI readiness. Prior to founding Dairdux, Henrik has been working for 7 years at Vattenfall in different management positions such as Group Data & Analytics Transformation Lead, Head of Group Financial Systems and Head of BI and Lead Development Management – Europe. Henrik has an international consulting background based out of Stockholm and Sydney. He is part of the Digitization Advisory Board, for European Utility Week, and resident chairman of the Data Innovation Summit. In his spare time Henrik is running a VLOG “From Data to Value” on YouTube to grow Data/AI literacy among Executives and Middle managers. Get in touch with Henrik.

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