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Dataseer - Transforming The Use Of Industrial Drawings

Find out how you can reduce processing time and increase accuracy when extracting data from P&IDs or other engineering diagrams using DataSeer.


Industrial drawings like piping & instrumentation diagrams are the bread and butter of process plants and other industrial assets. Whether extracting data for project estimation, searching for valves and instruments or converting drawings to a digital format to enable further analysis, working with industrial drawings is a lengthy and laborious process.

Through the use of deep learning and computer vision techniques, DataSeer transforms the way industrial drawings are processed by reducing manual labour time by up to 90%. In addition, DataSeer’s machine-assisted workflow typically achieves better than 99% accuracy.

With DataSeer, items and lines in your industrial diagram are automatically identified, counted, labeled, and exportet to either a CSV or digital format. Whether you use industrial drawings to:

  • Extract data for generation of line lists, instrument indices or valve tables in CSV format
  • Count items for project estimation
  • Search and locate text and symbols within documents & diagrams of a project, or
  • Create structure inputs to build a Digital Twin

Find out how you can reduce time and increase accuracy with DataSeer.