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Overview of Arundos Products and Services

In this video you will get an overview of Arundo's products and services.


Jeff Jensen: The industry is faced with “how do I migrate my in-operation, assets heavy machinery into a new digital world” in which both streaming of data, volume of data, access to data is now on a per minute or per second basis rather than once a month or once a quarter.

Cody Falcon: Everyone's been talking about bringing advanced analytics into industrial space for the last decade, but Arundo Software Suite was purposed-built from the ground up to truly deliver advanced analytics and data science in the heavy industry.

Marcus Furuholmen: The ultimate goal is to turn data science into real value.

Jeff Jensen: We wanted to ask, "How do I build a solution that handles a thousand models a month for an organization? How can I build a more simplified edge agent to streamline deployment and getting data online and compress that from an average 90-day schedule down to a 10-day schedule?"

Stuart Morstead: Our job is to help clients uncover, extract, and put to use this massive amount of data that's available

Jeff Jensen: One of the things we have really focused on is models management and models deployment at-scale both in Arundo Fabric and on Arundo Edge using Composer to allow a data scientist to have full control over deploying their models, deleting their models, and interfacing with data.

Marcus Furuholmen: For hundreds of years since the industrial revolution, the question has always been how can I build something using physical goods? I think the big question now is how do you use data to build value?

Jeff Jensen: Arundo is bringing an out-of-the-box solution for data science at-scale.

Ellie Dobson: What the means is we're able to go and solve customers' problems in asset-heavy industries.

Jeff Jensen: We're trying to be proactive and give the industry a solution that they can rely on in this new, artificial intelligence, and machine learning world and something that is very forward-looking and allows a customer to both solve the problems they need now and to secure an investment around their data science strategy for the next 5, 10, 15 years.

Cody Falcon: What keeps me excited about what we're doing at Arundo is the amount of impact driven by data and advanced analytics that our customers are recognizing from our team and our product suite.