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Digital transformation is hard, and most companies don’t succeed. The Journey is Arundo’s forum for you and your team to learn from our successes and failures. Based on years of work with industrial companies around the world, our team of engineers, data scientists, and business experts offer practical insights and tips for how to apply machine learning, advanced analytics and IIoT technologies in industrial operations.

Mark Tibbetts

Mark Tibbetts is Lead Data Scientist for R&D in Arundo Analytics' Houston office where he has a core role in advanced analytics engagements with partner organizations and researchers. His current focus is around IIoT data analysis for industries such as oil & gas, mining, maritime and utilities. He previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley National Laboratory where he had a leading role in analysing data from the Large Hadron Collider facility at CERN. Mark obtained a PhD specializing in High Energy Physics from Imperial College in 2010.
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Topics: data science, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machine learning

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