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About The Journey

Digital transformation is hard, and most companies don’t succeed. The Journey is Arundo’s forum for you and your team to learn from our successes and failures. Based on years of work with industrial companies around the world, our team of engineers, data scientists, and business experts offer practical insights and tips for how to apply machine learning, advanced analytics and IIoT technologies in industrial operations.


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October 8, 2019 / artificial intelligence, predictive equipment maintenance

Equipment Monitoring and Alarm Fatigue in the Age of AI

The proliferation of alarms in control rooms and in the field can cause “alarm fatigue” for some operators. IIoT applications for human-in-the-loop decisions often involve additional alerts and notifications. Choosing the right problem to solve is..


September 24, 2019 / predictive equipment maintenance

The Journey to Predictive Equipment Maintenance

Predictive equipment maintenance is the ultimate goal of many digital initiatives in heavy industries. However, the reality is much more difficult than operators may anticipate. In this article, I discuss the path to predictive maintenance,..


July 2, 2019 / industrial internet of things (IIoT)

Why is Industrial IoT Implementation so Hard?

Maybe you’ve heard this type of story before: an industrial company announces the start of a major digital initiative. Time goes by, but nothing seems to happen. After many months, and many meetings, there is little to show for the efforts.



April 9, 2019 / industrial internet of things (IIoT), big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence

De-mystifying the Terminology of Digital Transformation

If you’re an engineer, operator, adviser, or executive working in heavy industry, odds are high you’ve heard more and more about trends, buzzwords, and ideas suggesting software and data science will radically transform your business. However, the..



Equipment Monitoring and Alarm Fatigue in the Age of AI

BY Amitav Misra | October 8, 2019 READ MORE