Smart Services: Data-Driven Consulting and the Industrial Internet of Things


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Are you leveraging the opportunities of integrating advanced machine learning and large-scale data science software capabilities in your industrial products?


Leading heavy industrial companies are now taking advantage of the emerging data landscape to increase revenue, decrease costs, and creating new business models. However, they are just beginning their digital transformation. Successful consulting and technical services firms  will thrive by combining deep understanding of the client needs with expertise in software, data science and business process management.

Download this whitepaper and learn more about the opportunities of Industrial IoT and what you need to get started providing valuable insights to your customers.

Here is a list of the Content You Will Get:

  • The Data Landscape is Changing (4)
  • Data-Driven Consultancies Must Adapt to the New Data Landscape (6)
  • Specialty Analytical Consultants are Under Threat in the era of IIoT (8)
  • How Will Smaller Consulting Firms Compete in This New Environment (9)
  • New Digital Capabilities Enable Specialist Consultants (10)
  • These Capabilities Create a Foundation for Even Greater Value Over Time (11)
  • Winning Analytical Consultants Will Combine Their Deep Client Relationships and Proven Expertise With Digital Solutions and Data Science as Quickly as Possible (12)

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