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Smart Iron: Industrial OEMs and the Internet of Things

Adapt to the new data landscape or face stiffing headwinds 


OEMs supplying heavy industries must innovate and adapt to the possibilities of the Industrial Internet of Things. You need to provide enhanced insights into equipment and help unlock value from new data. You need to extend your expertise in software and data science to meet the emerging customer needs.


In this whitepaper you will learn more about which capabilities you need to provide meaningful value in the new data landscape and get an overview of what you need to do.


Here is a list of the content you will get:

  • The Data Landscape is Changing (3)
  • OEMs Supplying Heavy Industries Must Innovate (4)
  • How Will Smaller OEMs Compete in This New Environment? (4)
  • New Digital Capabilities Enable OEMs to Better Serve Customers (5)
  • Digital Capabilities Create Immediate and Long-Term Value for Customers (5)
  • These Capabilities Create a Foundation for Even Greater Value Over Time (6)
  • Winning OEMs Will Combine Their Deep Customer Knowledge (6)

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Whitepaper: Smart Iron - Industrial OEMs and the Internet of Things