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The industry regulations after Macondo require companies to test the integrity of their Blow out Preventer (BOP) equipment every fourteen days resulting in two days or more of production downtime.  A BOP´s valve lifetime is considerably shortened due to the high frequency of testing thus increasing OPEX costs for the customer. 

Existing systems provide very little feedback from the BOP Control system on valves´ open and close cycles frequency today.  The customer needed a solution which enabled them to carry out less testing and have this approved by the regulatory authorities which required documenting the valve's cycle counts during operations.

Working with Arundo’s industry partner DNV Veracity, Arundo demonstrated the ability to stream real time live data from Customer’s BOP equipment to a cloud-based platform via the Arundo Edge Agent.  Arundo automated and cloudified the BOP cycle count algorithmic calculations used for diagnostics, providing centralised and standardised access to operational diagnostics.   Arundo further enabled real-time condition analysis and insights into the BOP’s valve usage based on cycle counting and the possibility to schedule used-based maintenance accordingly.  Arundo created an end to end cloud based application compliant with the new 21-day BOP pressure testing frequency requirements.



Based on the delivered solution, the customer has been able to reduce the costs associated with maintaining their BOP and improve overall reliability of the equipment.

Key Facts

Reduce maintenance costs and unplanned downtime


Cloud prototype monitoring component condition and predicting potentially critical performance issues with recommended actions


Reduced OPEX and enabled condition based maintenance of the BOP

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