Enabling real time visibility and prediction of GHG emissions



Providing insight into emission levels and corrective actions

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The customer operates in a highly polluting industry and is under pressure to demonstrate how they are reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and energy consumption. Typical reporting tools provide only a snapshot in time of the emissions and energy use status and are difficult to verify. Lack of visibility of GHG emissions and energy consumption in near real-time makes it difficult for operators and the technical teams to simulate how production levels are impacting emissions. This makes corrective actions difficult and often slow in delivery.


Arundo worked closely with the customer to understand current operations and how key data points could affect Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Using analytics approaches to calculate the emissions and energy consumption, Arundo provided a tool which provides rapid insight into current GHG emissions and energy consumption. Extending this analytics approach further, Arundo provided a scenario capability, which enables the customer to run simulations on production levels to understand how this impacts energy and GHG emissions and make changes to improve performance.



The tool enables the customer to understand GHG emissions and energy consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and take corrective actions, reducing costs and improving environmental performance.

Key Facts

Visibility into GHG emissions and energy use


Cloud solution which provides visibility into GHG emissions and energy consumption at plant, process and equipment level overtime and tools to take corrective actions


Significant savings in energy cost, with GHG emissions performance improving through a better understanding of production impact.

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