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Find out how to optimize your well production

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From the source to the cloud
to you, all in real time

Virtual flow meter



IMPROVE accuracy




Reduce costs

Get real-time insights to improve lift and injection decisions

Arundo and ABB have jointly developed the world’s first cloud-based virtual multiphase flow meter, combining proven first principles physical flow models with latest digital and data capabilities.

  • Deploy on any well using existing data and instrumentation.
  • Use real-time results across wells to optimize production process and manage constraints.
  • Receive more transparent measurements augmented with statistics based insight.

The cloud-based virtual multiphase flow meter calculates in real time individual flow rates for oil, gas and water

  • Radically reduce cost of deployment and installation.
  • Measure and share output in real-time.
  • Collect and develop new insight as more data is gathered.


Growing production is no longer the only metric for success in Oil and Gas companies. Production management, and therefore, production optimization continues to be a top priority. These are some of the challenges faced by the production engineers.

  • More and more wells to manage - around 1,000,000 wells in the US alone
  • Limited access to real-time critical data
  • Geographically dispersed wells
  • Capital intensive equipment


The convergence of Cloud, Edge Computing, and Machine Learning capabilities pave the way for next generation flow meters. By combining physics-based models and machine learning models, we are now able to optimize flow, either with or without a flow meter. These new tools allow production engineers to monitor flow on one, or hundreds of wells, remotely. These are some of the advantages:

  • Avoidance of significant CAPEX associated with installing a physical flow meter
  • Rapidly scalable cloud-based virtual flow meter (VFM) solution
  • Highly accurate VFM model proven over two decades of deployments
  • The capability to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled production optimization and reservoir management capabilities
  • Increased production and revenue generation

How does this work?


VFM calculates oil, water, and gas flow rates, pressures, and temperatures that give the closest fit to all measured values. VFM:

  • Assumes flow rates of oil, gas, and water
  • Computes pressure and temperature drops based on the multiphase flow model
  • Computes deviations between measured and computed temperatures and pressures
  • Iterates on flow rates, until the deviation, is minimized



Our Ask:


Arundo, in partnership with ABB, is looking for additional trial partners for further product development of the virtual flow meter before the broader release to the market. Ideally, in this pilot program, we are looking for representative data from 4-6 wells that meet the following criteria:

  • Naturally flowing or gas lift oil-producing wells located in the same well network or gathering system
  • Daily production between 100-800 BOE

We simply require your production subject matter expert to assist with data collection and verification. The time commitment required is minimal and all of your data will be kept strictly confidential.

This validation will be completed by us at NO EXPENSE to you, prior to a formal agreement to any proposal. Results will be returned to you in a suitable format (ie. Excel). It will not include any online access to the results or any live streaming of results.

What You Get


  • First look at next-generation AI-enabled flow measurement and production optimization technology
  • A zero expense data validation for a fit to measure multiphase flow rates at the well just using existing telemetry
  • First five trial applicants receive a discounted pricing upon successful validation

What will happen next:


We are keen to move fast. So once you have completed the form below we will contact you to inform you if there is a requirements match.

  • Complete the form below
  • Receive email from our team letting you know if there is a match
  • Sign NDA
  • Begin the project!


Get Started

Improved insights for everyone

Rapid deployment and scalability

Configure your topology, calibrate your flow, and access your results.

Increased production

Real time flow measurements across all your assets, refine and deploy your analytics instantaneously.

No additional hardware required

Your existing sensor measurements are used to calculate flow.

Fleet learning and technology evolution

Learn across all your assets, refine and deploy your analytics instantaneously.

Accurate and proven results

The technology has been proven in the field for 20 years.

Collaboration and continuous improvement

Share information seamlessly and securely across your organization.

take the next step

Speak to one of our experts to know more about the VFM and to get started with the pilot program.