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Improve uptime




Reduce costs

Marathon enables equipment operators, production engineers and maintenance managers to achieve higher levels of asset availability and reliability.

Marathon allows users to monitor their equipment or fleet of equipment in multiple ways. Whether you are at the start of the digital journey or are looking for a mature solution:

  1. Equipment monitoring dashboard with configurable threshold alerts
  2. Anomaly detection alerts and investigation workflows
  3. Equipment health assessment
Data Science Expertise

Our hybrid approach combining engineering-based rules and machine learning models ensures we capture the greatest value from our data-driven approach.

Configurable Workflows

Only by having intuitive, relevant workflows which resonate with the user will the insights turn into action. Our workflows are designed alongside industrial end-users and are configured for each customer.

ROI within less than 90 days

There are two components that deliver a quick/rapid return on investment. First, identifying the most critical and feasible use cases. This ensures that the application has the highest impact. Second, deploying a pre-configured application and methodology that ensures that the user can apply the latest technology within less than 90 days.






Equipment performance: Unlock the digital potential of your current data through advanced analytics

Find out how to maximize the impact of your data through analytics and contextualization. Be able to see operation history for a single piece of equipment, assess equipment performance, identify equipment that breaks down, benchmark equipment utilization, benchmark equipment energy consumption.

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case study

Condition-Based Monitoring Platform for Heat Exchangers

A leading oil and gas company wanted to reduce hazardous leakage risk on their heat exchangers. Learn how we used condition-based monitoring to detect subtle precursors to failure.

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MacGregor wanted to partner with Arundo to go from equipment focus to solution focus. Using data analytics would help predict the up and downtime of various equipment.

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Whether there is historical data or no data at all, Arundo Marathon can provide value within a short period of time.

Connect to the data: Marathon will connect to your data store or equipment, and make the data available to Arundo’s models and application. The data streams live on a continuous basis as a cloud service.

Configure models: Marathon tailors the models to your equipment, and uses historical data to tune algorithms and alert thresholds.

Train users: Arundo will train users to act as champions for the tool, drive adoption, and ensure the solution delivers value from day 1.

Improve over time: Arundo will regularly check back on the monitoring results and help improve the models based on feedback from your operators.