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Operationalize your Analytics with Arundo Enterprise

End to end capabilities from data source to model output

Connect analytics users with analytics builders quickly and easily without significant IT overhead. Operators and decision-makers can use engineering and data science models simply and intuitively to improve business operations.

Key features of Arundo Enterprise

  • Simulation, engineering, or other first principles models
  • Data science, machine learning, or AI models
  • Data sources
  • Other models or applications
  • REST APIs to feed existing visualization or other models or applications
  • Out of the box streaming visualization capabilities
  • Standalone edge functionality
  • Intelligent streaming and buffering
  • Local calculations
  • Model deployment to edge
  • Application deployment to edge
  • Rapid prototyping (90 days to value)
  • Analytics focus on physical systems and equipment
  • Cross-functional teams of engineering, data science, subject matter expertise, design, and business process

Top product features

Deploys and manages models at scale

Arundo Composer allows data scientists to quickly and easily deploy desktop-based analytical models into the Arundo Fabric cloud environment with a single command. Composer also enables companies to create and manage live data streams and integrate such streams with deployed data models.

Key features include the ability to:

  • Scale deployed models and view logs
  • Create and manage live data pipelines
  • Rapidly prototype models locally before live deployment
  • Auto-render data model user interface upon deployment
Composer CLI@3x-1

Cloud-based hub for models & data streams

Arundo Fabric is the cloud-based hub for deployed machine learning models, data streams, edge agent management, and quick navigation to extended applications.

  • View master lists of tags and sensors streaming data in real-time.
  • Access real-time health metrics for deployed models.
  • Tie into existing interfaces and applications through APIs.
  • Use federated or out-of-the-box user authentication.

1-click model deploy to cloud - all you need is a tenant


Unlimited data pipelines per model - all you need is a data source


Streaming dashboard - up to 6 panels per model




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Central model registry and model management/DevOps enablement 1-click Model deploy to edge