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the power of edge computing – in minutes


improve operational performance from data at the edge


COMPATIBLE WITH windows, linux,or mac os


Edge Agent brings new meaning to “ease of industrial connectivity”


Based on deep experience in field control and SCADA systems and cloud architecture, we have created the easiest way to connect, analyze, and act upon remote field data.

Connect in minutes, compute locally, and make better decisions rapidly. Edge Agent manages common edge computing pain points.



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Improve insights for everyone

Powerful, proven IIoT technology
  • Built for environments with low or no connectivity, such as ships at sea or remote operating sites
  • Open, scalable and secure technology: certified and trusted by leading computer manufacturers and industry certification bodies
  • Equipment agnostic: connects to existing equipment, historians, and systems via open industry standards such as ModBus, OPC UA, and OPC DA
  • Complete, stand-alone analytics foundation for edge computing: collects data, executes models and can expose results locally
Edge Agent is fast, flexible & secure

Connect and stream in minutes.
Run calculations locally.
Push cloud models to edge.


  • Seamless integration with existing data sources and control systems: Edge Agent supports the most common machine communication protocols.
  • Automated discovery of sensors: easily browse for available tags or upload large CSV files with tag information within minutes.
  • Effortless installation: download the software, connect to the control system and stream data within 15 minutes.
  • Local computations: run calculations on edge data for data compression or analytics purposes.
  • Out of the box Azure IoT Hub streaming capability.
Buffer when offline. Auto-check connectivity. Run analytics locally
  • Operates regardless of connectivity: Intelligent buffering of data and calculations enables ongoing data capture while offline.
  • Enables remote monitoring: monitor Edge Agent status and performance.
  • Allows for open API: Arundo REST API enables interaction with data and integrations with third-party applications.



  • Stream field data in less than five minutes with 1-click set-up
  • Quickly and easily install Edge Agent on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS devices
  • Support highly distributed architectures with offline buffering
  • Use on-edge compute chains for pre-stream processing of “virtual” or calculated sensors
  • Directly access a local, web-based interface, including streaming visualization



Edge Agent - Data

Specs and Requirements

System Requirements
System Requirements
installing edge agent
Install Edge Agent
Requesting Licenses
Requesting Licenses