enterprise-icon.png Enterprise Overview 

Arundo Enterprise is a modular, flexible software suite for connecting live data to machine learning models, and model outputs to business decisions. Enterprise allows companies to turn data into value in just a few weeks. 





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Edge Agent


Arundo Edge Agent enables industrial connectivity and analytics in rugged, remote, or disconnected environments.


Key features include ability to:

    • Quickly and easily install Edge Agent on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS devices
    • Support highly distributed architectures with offline buffering
    • Use on-Edge compute chains for pre-stream processing of “virtual” or calculated sensors
    • Directly access a local, web-based interface, including streaming visualization

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Arundo Composer allows companies to quickly and easily deploy desktop-based machine learning models into the Arundo Fabric cloud environment with a single command. Composer also enables companies to create and manage live data streams and integrate such streams with deployed data models.


Key features include ability to:

  • Scale deployed models and view logs
  • Create and manage live data pipelines
  • Rapidly prototype models locally before live deployment
  • Auto-render data model user interface upon deployment

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Arundo Fabric is the cloud-based hub for deployed machine learning models, data streams, edge agent management, and quick navigation to extended applications.

Key features include the ability to:

    • View master lists of tags and sensors streaming data in real-time
    • Access real-time health metrics for deployed models
    • Tie into existing interfaces and applications through APIs
    • Use federated or out-of-the-box user authentication

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Arundo API


Arundo provides a fully documented, RESTful API to access and manage data across Fabric. The API provides an accelerated avenue to leveraging Arundo Enterprise to deliver analytics, develop specific applications and dashboards, or integrate into existing workflows.

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We help industrial companies develop, deploy, and manage machine learning models in operational environments