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Oil and gas producers incur unplanned downtime each month at a level of 30-40 hours on average per facility.
This amounts to $50 - $100M lost each year for each facility.

improvements for operators in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry

With a volatile price environment, increasingly challenging production conditions, and stricter regulatory standards, O&G companies face increasing pressure to improve revenue while reducing costs.  See how Arundo's software can increase your equipment availability and production efficiency.

Improve Operations

Get continuous insight into equipment, process, and system operations to increase uptime and decrease maintenance and outage-related costs.


Case Studies

Case Study - Evolution Well Services

Driving down maintenance costs in challenging environments

We HAve your solution

Rapid Deployment & Scalability
Rapid Deployment & Scalability
Configure your topology, calibrate your flow, and access your results.
Real-Time Visibility
Real-time Visibility

Use real-time results across wells to optimize production process and manage constraints.

Fleet Learning
Fleet Learning

Learn across all your assets, refine and deploy your analytics instantaneously.

virtual flow meter

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Arundo was purpose built for heavy asset industries, and we have hundreds of years in combined experience across all facets within the oil & gas industry. Reach out to get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your current challenges and needs.

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Delisa Somoye

Delisa Somoye

Delivery Lead

A chemical engineer by training, Delisa was formerly a production engineer at ConocoPhillips, and also led reliability engineering efforts for process manufacturers and refineries. At Arundo, she leads deliveries across the Americas.

Morten Jørgensen

Morten Jørgensen

VP Customer Solutions

Morten is a former Partner at McKinsey & Co., where he worked extensively with oil & gas companies around the world for over a decade. He has led data analytics and machine learning implementations in oil & gas facilities across Europe.