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improvements for operators in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry

With a volatile price environment, increasingly challenging production conditions, and stricter regulatory standards, O&G companies face increasing pressure to improve revenue while reducing costs.  See how Arundo's software can increase your equipment availability and production efficiency.

Increase Throughput

Get real-time insights to improve well and field production.

Virtual Flow Meter
Improve Operations

Get continuous insight into equipment, process, and system operations to increase uptime and decrease maintenance and outage-related costs.


Case study

A major oil company sought to improve effectiveness of its equipment maintenance spend. Compressor failure accounted for a significant share of the company’s lost production, resulting in a strict routine maintenance policy on all gas compressors. Non-productive time dropped significantly, but planned maintenance events rose significantly.

Case study

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Rapid Deployment & Scalability
Rapid Deployment & Scalability
Configure your topology, calibrate your flow, and access your results.
Real-Time Visibility
Real-time Visibility

Use real-time results across wells to optimize production process and manage constraints.

Fleet Learning
Fleet Learning

Learn across all your assets, refine and deploy your analytics instantaneously.

virtual flow meter

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