Equipment Manufacturers & Service Companies


Digital applications for OEMs and service companies

As industrial operations become increasingly connected, equipment manufacturers and technical service providers are under pressure to provide digital capabilities on top of physical systems or traditional expertise. Arundo provides out-of-the-box equipment monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities to support OEM and service providers' digital initiatives.

Integrate digital

Gray label solutions for OEM-branded monitoring and analytics solutions integrated into physical equipment.

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Create new value-added services

Combine existing expertise and intellectual property with the latest IoT and data science capabilities.

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Stay closer to

OEMs and service providers face increasing risk of disintermediation from customers. With our products, OEMs and service providers can better integrate into customer operations for continuous value. 

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Reach out to one of our experts today to begin assessing the maturity of your digital initiatives. Find out what you're missing out on to help you achieve operational success, whether it be in the field or in the board room.

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