Dramatic improvements to the bottom line for operators in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry

With a volatile price environment, challenging production opportunities, and stricter regulatory standards, O&G companies face increasing pressure to improve revenue while reducing costs.  See how Arundo's software can increase equipment availability and production efficiency in O&G. 

Improving the 'smart ship' operational performance in the Maritime industry

The maritime industry, which accounts for 80% of global trade volume, is just beginning its digital transformation. Learn how “smart ships” can use Arundo's software to analyze voyage data, equipment data, and network structures to optimize overall operational performance for ship owners, partners, and customers. 

Anomaly Detection for Power

In a complex energy landscape, power generators, grid operators, and technical service providers are using advanced analytics to improve traditional business models. Learn how Arundo's software can provide real-time predictive insights on equipment maintenance, prevent asset downtime, and protect our grid.

Reduced operating costs across oil rigs
Increased asset performance for global oil company
Reduced maintenance costs for gas compressors
Detected heat exchanger leakage
Optimized water management for marine vessel fleet
Reduced non-productive time in offshore logistics
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