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Dramatic improvements to the bottom line for operators in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry

With a volatile price environment, challenging production opportunities, and stricter regulatory standards, O&G companies face increasing pressure to improve revenue while reducing costs.  See how Arundo's software can increase equipment availability and production efficiency in O&G. 

Arundo Maritime Suite helps reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes and track cargo conditions.

Arundo Maritime Suite can help reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes and improve cargo tracking through fleet benchmarking. By assessing the most efficient assets and understanding how these conditions can be replicated to other ships, we are able to reduce operating costs and provide the crew with tools for improved decision making. Arundo Maritime Suite enables alerts based on customized thresholds and notifies about sea levels, weather, cargo conditions and equipment anomalies. This gives vessels and fleet operators increased situational awareness and reassurance that cargo and machinery is continually monitored, and routes are optimized.

Anomaly Detection for Power

In a complex energy landscape, power generators, grid operators, and technical service providers are using advanced analytics to improve traditional business models. Learn how Arundo's software can provide real-time predictive insights on equipment maintenance, prevent asset downtime, and protect our grid.

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