enterprise-icon.png Enterprise Overview 

Arundo Enterprise offers an end-to-end solution for turning industrial data into value. 


Our solution accelerates the realization of data-driven use-cases by optimizing workflows between key IIoT users such as data scientists, analysts, business users, and field-service personnel - across different business segments including operators, asset owners, and OEMs.


Arundo Enterprise supports efficient deployment of a rich set of use-cases from large scale data mining in the cloud to deployment of real-time analytics on the edge.  





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Make Machine Collaboration™ central to your big data infrastructure


Arundo Fabric enables the creation of a single source of truth for industrial, digital assets that can be easily managed and enriched to maximize operational value. Core features of Arundo Fabric include:


  • Powerful and flexible data ingestion service - access tools and services enabling you to connect and ingest industrial data from a wide variety of cloud and edge sources including but not limited to OPC UA, Modbus TCP and OSIsoft Pi. Set up ingestion pipelines for both batch and streaming data.
  • Automated data structuring and standardization - import your sensor mappings or let the system recommend a model based on the data to get a cleaned and structured data set. Access a set of powerful tools and services that automate away laborious and error-prone data engineering processes.
  • Collaborative data-driven problem solving - accelerate data science and analysis using social, collaborative features like annotations and sharing to let data scientists and analysts iteratively inspect data and test models. Safely share pointers to selected data sets both between teams and companies for improved collaboration.
  • Enterprise analytics/ model management - operationalize data science by enabling personnel to efficiently deploy analytics as containerized microservices to data sets in the cloud or on the edge, to streaming and to batch data. Manage, monitor, and re-train models on an enterprise level.
  • Robust IIoT security - we understand the criticality and sensitivity of data in today’s organizations, and our clients trust our ability to protect and securely process their data. Our solutions leverage state of the art capabilities including data encryption in transit and at rest, guaranteed data localization, a digital chain of custody for data owners as well as operational best practices including recurring third party assessments and compliance audits.







Data Science Developers deliver business impact by publishing custom apps in Enterprise environments


Arundo Composer minimizes typical development overhead related to operationalizing industrial analytics. Quickly build, test, and publish models and algorithms so that they are ready to be configured and applied to real industrial data, weather being streaming data or batch data, on the edge or in the cloud.


Primary features include:


  • End-to-end native data science workflow - allowing data science teams to use their preferred tools to build and deploy their models accessing the full suite of tools they need to build and share predictive models on datasets residing in the cloud. Native data science languages such as Python, R, and Scala supported.
  • One-click Deploy - quickly publish models as applets with auto-generated GUIs, allowing consumers of your models like analysts and engineers to test, interact, and deploy as required.
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Make operational decisions based on live streaming data analyzed by state of the art machine learning models and predictive analytics


The Arundo Edge Agent enables connection, temporary data storage, data analysis, and models’ deployment. The edge agent's minimal footprint allows it to run on any Linux or Windows machine which connects to Arundo Fabric and can stream data when online. Features include:

  • Out of the box edge connectors like OPC UA, Modbus TCP, and multiple vendor-specific devices. 
  • Temporary data storage for incoming and outgoing messaging
  • Edge streaming analytics enabling running models locally on live data streams as well as visualizing data in near real-time as it´s being sent to the cloud







Developer Tools


Arundo provides a complete set of RESTful APIs to access and manage your data across all of Fabric. The APIs along with the SDK libraries in the language of your choice provide an accelerated avenue to leveraging the Arundo Enterprise to deliver your analytics, develop your own domain-specific applications and dashboards, or integrate into your existing workflows.

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