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Improve operational performance from data at the edge

Edge Agent brings new meaning to “ease of industrial connectivity”


With our vast experience in control systems and cloud platforms, we have created the easiest way to connect industrial control systems to cloud platforms. With a simple UI and the ability to buffer data while offline, the Edge Agent takes care of common edge data pain points.

Edge Agent is fast, flexible & secure.

Connect & stream in minutes.

Run calculations locally.

Push cloud models to edge.


  • Seamless integration with existing data sources and control systems: Edge Agent supports the most common protocols such as OPC UA, OPC-DA and Modbus.
  • Automated discovery of sensors: easily browse for available tags or upload large CSV files with tag information within minutes.

  • Effortless installation: download the software, connect to the control system and stream data within 15 minutes.

  • Local computations: run calculations on edge data for data compression or analytics purposes.

  • Out of the box Azure IoT Hub streaming capability.


assets_-LLios5a5dtS52E3fKGz_-La_KcNhowJHLCwzw5rV_-La_TGLmjC8gSFSH2uSH_Building a Pipeline - Dashboard example
assets_-LNAiWbSvjfDp2CAAu8E_-La_VFSMFZ4pWOZZumhI_-La_VUEVDk7nvntalR3o_Streaming Data to a Dashboard - Dashboard example
assets_-LNAiWbSvjfDp2CAAu8E_-LXV6yRbWT_fEY44QlTd_-LXVG_dp2nISWM-ATKN0_Setting Up a Simulator - Streaming Data example
assets_-LLios5a5dtS52E3fKGz_-LVcv20c9Uh5hk3QF4pu_-LVcv4Ss00O4jByK1TiM_Dashboards Viewer - Pump Efficiency 1

Buffer when offline. Auto-check connectivity.  Run analytics locally.


  • Operates regardless of connectivity: Intelligent buffering of data and calculations enables ongoing data capture while offline.

  • Enables remote monitoring: monitor Edge Agent status and performance.

  • Allows for open API: Arundo REST API enables interaction with data and integrations with third-party applications.




Bringing digitalization closer to you.


In many industries, companies generate a plethora of data that is stranded, in geographically dispersed assets. This data is neither easily or instantly accessible.


An average offshore oil platform creates 1-2 TB of data every day. In order to steam data, it transmits via satellite at a speed of between 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps.  It will take 12 days to upload 1 day’s worth of data.*  In other instances such as maritime and midstream oil and gas, assets are often disconnected or in remote locations.


Edge computing allows users to stream and analyze data from any asset, wherever it is. Edge computing is a distributed information technology architecture whereby data is accessed, aggregated, filtered and analyzed at the periphery of the network. Edge technology does not replace the cloud or a control system, rather it augments existing systems in a cost-effective manner.*


Pricing - $499/Year


  • Stream field data in less than five minutes with 1-click set-up
  • Quickly and easily install Edge Agent on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS devices
  • Support highly distributed architectures with offline buffering
  • Use on-Edge compute chains for pre-stream processing of “virtual” or calculated sensors
  • Directly access a local, web-based interface, including streaming visualization

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