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Digital transformation is difficult


As IoT technologies continue to permeate heavy industry, many companies are struggling to move from simple proofs of concept and initial pilot projects to a cohesive digital transformation. 


There are significant barriers for large industrial companies in the systematic adoption of large-scale machine learning and advanced analytics across their business: 

  • Legacy physical assets were not designed for IoT
  • Existing IT systems are complex and often in silos
  • Critical data science and related software needs are often new and unfamiliar
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Arundo makes it possible


Arundo software products help some of the largest industrial companies in the world to translate advanced analytics, machine learning applications, and related systems architecture into recurring business value.


We combine deep industrial software capabilities, advanced data science expertise, and deep domain experience to create rapid paths to value for heavy industrial companies.


We partner with some of the largest management consulting and change management firms in the world to drive business value on top of the Arundo software platform. This ensures that companies have the necessary change management systems and processes in place to move the organization forward.


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We help industrial companies develop, deploy, and manage machine learning models in operational environments