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Built for capital-intensive, highly-engineered operations, Arundo products turn your industrial data into value.


Designed to interoperate with existing instrumentation, control, and IT systems, our software allows companies to get started quickly with IoT, AI, machine learning, and other data analytics.

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We are building a more sustainable world through data-driven insights for industrial operations. Our software enables advanced analytics, machine learning, and IoT applications for more efficient, safer, and more effective physical systems.


Built for industrial users, by industrial users.
Designed for the digital analytics journey.

The operations management team of an International Oil Company (IOC) was troubled by recent asset performance and equipment failure rates. Management had limited success in extracting and analyzing rig data due to the sheer number of legacy data systems that came from post-merger integration.

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Purpose-built for heavy industries

Built on a tag-based data contract, our software easily connects to common industrial protocols such as MODBUS, OPC-UA, and OPC-DA, and works with existing control, instrumentation, and historian systems, as well as both legacy IT and emerging cloud infrastructure common in industrial companies.

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